Planning a corporate event employees want to attend

mission: impossible

Yeah, corporate events are a great way to build camaraderie, make a few memories, and celebrate the talents and labors of every employee at the table.
But here’s the thing: Most (honest) employees dread corporate parties more
than going to the dentist.

Rescue your coworkers from the stale, stuffy pits of traditional corporate events. Book your next office event at Group Therapy in Downtown Greenville, SC, where you’ll find everything you need to bring your party to life!



It takes courage to say yes to rest and play, in a culture where exhaustion is seen as status symbol.

Brené Brown

Elevate your corporate event from

ordinary to extraordinary

Holiday Parties

Are you a member of the dreaded Party Planning Committee at your office? Be the hero and let Group Therapy host your next event! With entertainment and food packages customized to meet your holiday party needs. Even Michael Scott would approve of this party.

Customer Appreciation

Nothing says thank you like an open bar. Treat your customers like you would treat yourself and build long-lasting relationships over another round of beer or mini golf or both! Let them know you’re grateful by letting the good times roll.

Team Building

Why trust fall when you could throw axes? There’s nothing like getting to know your colleagues over the back nine or nailing a bullseye. The tasty food and drinks will ease the pain of defeat when you destroy your boss in duckpin bowling.

Professional Development

Okay, so you’ve gotta be serious sometime. How about treating yourself to lunch and a game, then getting “down to business?” Book one of our conference rooms equipped with 65” LED TVs and Sonos Speakers for your team presentation!

Get out of

the bored-room

for a change!

Corporate events in Greenville, SC, don’t have to accept a humdrum fate. Located in the very heart of downtown, Group Therapy offers all you need for an office party everyone will be excited to attend.
Mission: Accomplished!

Warning: The person responsible for booking this corporate event venue may be promoted to superhero status.

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