At Group Therapy,

It’s Always Duck(pin) Season!

Duckpin bowling is often described as a lost art. What began as an American-born sport at the turn of the 20th century was driven nearly to extinction by the late 1900s as bigger, more commercialized sports took over the playing field. Today, however, duckpin bowling is making a comeback as families rediscover the fun (and die-hard competitors discover the unique challenge) of launching a grapefruit-sized ball at ten squat pins…and managing to knock them all down with only two rolls.

Group Therapy is bringing nostalgic duckpin bowling back to the mainstream in Greenville, SC. Now you can step behind the fowl line and try your hand at scoring the perfect 300.

Duckpin Bowling


$10/child (12 & Under)

Each lane can be booked for up to 4 guests.
Bringing a larger group? We’ll do everything we can to pair you in adjoining lanes,
but it’s best if you book in advance to help make this possible!

Ready to Get the Ball Rolling?

Whether you’d like to frame new memories with your favorite people or just need a little self-therapy in the form of throwing balls and knocking things down, look no further than duckpin bowling. Get ready to strike fun in your spare time by playing the vintage game that’s taking flight!



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